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A few months ago the Lord walked me through the book of Nehemiah. If you don’t know a whole lot about this book in the bible, so much of it is focused on Nehemiah and the qualities he has to lead the people and bring them through trials and opposing people.

Since then I’ve thought a lot about leaders and the leadership I’ve been placed under. As I think about these things it blows my mind that in many jobs and leadership roles there are people who do not seek the Lord for answers and direction. I cannot imagine a leader who does not listen to the Lord and follow after his desires and heart. I truly have no idea how earthly leaders try to lead in their own power. I do not know how they survive the day. Where do they get their strength and encouragement from? How do they fight and overcome the battles by themselves?

Lately I have been so incredibly thankful that God has placed me under direct leadership from someone who seeks the Lord in all circumstances. Someone who lets the Lord lead. Someone who follows the Spirit’s guidance. Someone who listens to the voice of the Lord and obeys, despite the difficulties that it might bring. Someone who treats everyone with equality and fairness. Someone who listens to both sides of the story. Someone who is not prideful or determined for their voice to be heard. Someone who does not live by their own power but through the power and strength of the Lord. Someone who knows God is the true leader and seeks his wisdom and guidance in decisions.

I have not written a blog in a long time because God has not laid any words on my heart. But as I sit here this morning he has filled me with words of thankfulness for the leadership I get to follow under.

If you follow under a leader who knows God is actually their leader and humbly leads you, thank them today, their job is not easy. If you follow under a leader who is trying to lead in their own power, pray for them today.

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