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I believe God gives everyone different gifts and talents. If everyone was good at teaching there would be no one to serve others or encourage or lead others. God has equipped some with the ability to teach while he has given others the ability to serve well or lead well or freely give. It’s why the body of Christ works-everyone using their personal talents together to become one.

When I moved to the Philippines I knew my passion was children, specifically street children. I knew I would be able to work with the kids- brothers and sisters and friends. But their moms and dads- definitely not something I knew how to handle or what direction to go.

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This is exactly what I’m talking about. God has given me the gift to work with children. God has not given me the gift to know how to work with moms. But he has given that gift to other people. He has laid that passion on their heart and in their lives.

Last year our ministry began to realize the importance of doing more to empower the parents of street kids, not just the children. Every parent plays a vital role in the lives of their children, so in order to make a lasting impact in the lives of these kids we chose to do something to help the people who should be raising them. To start breaking the cycle. To show mothers and fathers how to be men and women of God and raise their kids in that environment.

At the beginning of the year Streetlight gained a new staff member to work directly with the parents of street kids to empower them.  Since this program launched SO much has happened! A group of moms have been coming to the center and our family coordinator has been teaching them a livelihood trade.

They come to the center every morning to cut, roll, and gloss recycled magazine paper into handmade beads. These beads are then turned into beautiful earrings.


Through learning this trade these moms are able to rely on a steady, safe income every week instead of digging through trash or putting themselves in harmful situations. We are trying to show these moms their value and worth to all of us at Streetlight and most importantly to God.

Along with creating these beautiful beads the moms have bible study every week where they are growing in their knowledge of God and understanding his love for them.


As a ministry, Streetlight wants to see these moms grow into women of God who are able to both support their families and raise them in a Godly home.

Because these moms have been working so hard the past few months they have mastered the art of paper rolling and bead making!


And here is where YOU get to be a part of impacting the lives of these moms and their families. By purchasing just one pair of earrings for $10 you are helping to support a mom and her family!


Email me at to order earrings and support these moms. They can be shipped anywhere in the States for $10/pair plus $3 for shipping cost.

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