A Praying Rockstar

I’ve been back in the States for two weeks now and during that time I’ve been a praying rockstar.

I wake up asking God to provide someone throughout the day that wants to financially support me
I’ve spent my time in the shower asking God to provide monthly supporters for myself
As I have been driving down the road I ask God for people to want to give financially to me
Before I go into any meeting, dinner or speaking engagement I pray out of that time will come a monthly supporter

Yesterday I was driving down the road and had one huge gut-check. I began thinking about how much time I had been spending praying and asking God for financial provision and in that moment he stopped me in my thoughts and called me out for only praying about that one thing.

I had not been thanking him for the ways he had already provided.
I had not been praising him for how sovereign and in control of things he is.
I had not been praising him for anything.
I had not been interceding for others.
I had not been thanking him for the little daily blessings in life.

My eyes and prayers were fixed solely on myself and how I could achieve my own personal goals. And in that moment he told me just how off track I was.

This morning I’m wondering if anyone else is there with me. In the busyness of the holiday season are we so focused on buying presents and hosting the best party that we forget about what we are truly celebrating. If we’ve forgotten to just stop and thank him for those people we love so much we invited them to the party. If we haven’t taken the time to say thanks for the food to serve at the party. If we have overlooked the reason we have a Christmas holiday to celebrate at all.

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