Sponsorship Come to Life

Months ago we decided as a ministry we wanted as many people involved in the lives of our kids as possible. One of the best ways we could think of for people in America to be involved in directly impacting a kid’s life was through a child sponsorship program.

Child sponsorship is very important to us and we want our kids to feel like they have people all over the world praying for them and pulling for them.

This program is very special to our kids because they have direct contact with a family in America. They write letters back and forth to each other. They are able to explain more about their lives to each other, both the differences and the similarities. They begin to form a relationship with a family in America.

Our oldest boy, Jomarie, has been sponsored for quite some time now. His sponsors write to him very frequently. He in turn writes back to them very frequently too.


A couple of weeks ago something incredible happened though. A couple of weeks ago those letters turned into real life as Jomarie’s sponsor and her daughter came to visit him here in Cagayan!

They love him just like they love their own children. They believe in him and his future. They endlessly pray for him and for God’s love to be revealed to him.


I have never seen Jomarie so happy in his life. He was treated special, because he IS special. He was able to do extra fun activities with his sponsor. He was able to share his life with someone from America and let them experience firsthand what his life is like.

In those few days he knew exactly how special he was, both to us and his sponsor. He believed in a future for himself. He wanted to share with others about his life and where he is now. He was LOVED.

I am confident through his sponsor and their love for him Jomarie knows there are people who believe in him, who want to see him succeed, who care about his future. He knows he is part of a family.


You can have this same unforgettable relationship with one of our children as well.

If you are interested in becoming a child sponsor to help provide a better future for our kids please contact me at melafoy@gmail.com.

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