The Long Road

I get asked the question a lot how long I plan to live in the Philippines. I always give the same answer, “Forever. Life is here. I would not have learned a whole new language to leave in just a couple of years.”

I always really mean that. I would not have invested so much time and struggle in learning a new language if I did not plan to use it for many, many years.

But there is always more to it than just investing my time in learning a new language. I have invested my life in the lives of our kids.

Thanks to the simple amazement of a few of our kids I have realized just how long that road of investment is though.


Yesterday as Leah & I were with three of our kids we saw a long, uphill, open road. I did not think twice about the road. The kids however all began to scream and shout about how long and pretty the road was. It wasn’t a special road. It didn’t lead to an incredible place like Disney World or Paris. It was just super long without tons of traffic disrupting the view.

The kids were in awe. So of course we did exactly what anyone would do in the middle of the road. We stopped and all took pictures! We laughed and joked about the road and how it was so long and then carried on with our day.


Last night as I looked back at the pictures from earlier in the day I couldn’t get the thought of the long road out of my head. For me the long road stood for so much more.

It stands for the whole journey I am on with the kids. The times where I feel discouraged because it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel of addiction. The moments where I am upset a kid did not come to school two days in a row. The proud moments when one of the quieter boys answers a math question first. The moments of joy when the kids have a full belly after three plates of rice. The times my heart breaks when a boy becomes upset and thinks drugs is the only way to handle his emotions.


I am confident that one day I will see the reward of the investment. One day these kids will be in homes with families that love them and provide for them.

It’s a long and windy road, but it’s exactly where I want to be.


You can be a part of this journey down the long road too! You can become a child sponsor for one of our kids and begin investing in their life. If you are interested in this please contact me at


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2 thoughts on “The Long Road

  1. Awesome!! Praying for you!
    You are a wonderful blessing to the kids you work with and all others who observe your spirit.

  2. Ohhh, Meagan! What an investment you girls are making in their lives! Thank you for serving and loving them so well. Praying for you girls.

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