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Finding Beauty

Last night I laid out on a blanket in the middle of an empty soccer field staring up into the sky and all that was around me. As I kept looking around and gazing upwards all I could notice was beauty.

I found beauty in the millions of stars. Some were bright, some fading. Some were large, others miniscule.
I saw beauty in the trees…the way they curved and reflected with the smallest bit of light shining around them.
I noticed beauty in the few clouds hanging low in the sky.
I heard beauty in the sound of the crickets chirping all around.
There was beauty in the peacefulness of just being.


In those hours of just lying flat on my back and looking up I didn’t want to miss any of the beauty God had laid out for my eyes to behold. I didn’t want to overlook even the tiniest details. So I laid there just soaking it in and smiling.

But along with that smile came a feeling of guilt. In these precious moments I saw so much beauty. But this same beauty is there for me to see all the time, unfortunately I just don’t always open my eyes to see it.

Every day God lays out beauty to behold. Some days it looks different. Some days I have to intentionally search for it. But no matter how different it may look from day to day it’s always there, because that’s who he is- the creator of all things beautiful.

I can see it in the smile of a little boy as he reads a word correctly.


There is beauty when one of the boys decides to be nice and help clean up after school even though it isn’t his day to clean. I see beauty in the laughter of two sisters as they play Connect Four with each other. There is beauty and pride on the face a boy as he changes clothes for church and knows how sharp and clean he looks.


Beauty is the sound of a child screaming out from the shower because he needs more shampoo. There is beauty when a child asks me for seconds at lunch to completely fill his little belly.

It took a night full of peacefulness and stargazing for me to realize how much of God’s creation and beauty I have been missing out on lately. But I’m thankful for the reminder of the beauty he surrounds me with every day!

What beauty do you need to open your eyes to today?

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