I Have a Black Brother

My dad is an incredible man. Always has been. Always will be.

He has taught me so many lessons in life. One of the lessons I am most thankful to have learned from him is how blessed we are as a family, which in turn means we should bless others. Blessed to be a blessing as people say.

As a kid I used to tell people that I wasn’t the oldest sibling in my family and I had a black brother. People that knew my family well were really confused. They knew I had a younger American brother but that was it so I always had to explain myself. Before I was born my dad had a little boy. A boy that lived in Kenya. A boy he had never met. A boy he had only seen pictures of and received letters from.

A boy that was supported through Compassion International.

I think this is where my love for letters in the mail came from. I used to LOVE getting letters from my brother in Kenya. And of course whenever we received a letter that meant I got to write him back.


We would talk about the weather and holidays and family and corn. He would always update us on his progress in school. I would always dream of going to visit him one day. Those letters were really special to me.

And my dad is the one who made it all possible. He is the one who chose to support this little boy through school. He provided food and an education and a family for him. He was a blessing to this brother of mine.


I know the impact supporting a child can have on both the giver and receiver’s family because now, I get to be on the other side of things. I get to find families who want to support our kids. People who want to help our children receive an education. Families who want to begin a relationship with our kids.

This morning I am super thankful to be on this side of things. I am blessed to be here with these kids.  And I am HUMBLED to ask if you are ready to begin this same type of relationship with one of our kids.

If you and your family want to be personally involved in the lives of our kids I truly can’t think of a better way than to sponsor a child.


To begin your sponsorship email me at melafoy@gmail.com to receive all of the details and information you need. Know the investment you are making today is one that will live on from generation to generation. From this earth to heaven. 

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