Consistency in Parenting

Disciplining children is not an easy task. Ask any mom around!

And disciplining street children is definitely not any easier. In fact, most days it feels like an almost impossible task. It’s what my days consist so much of right now though. I find myself saying multiple times a day wash your plate, time to brush your teeth, hand me your rugby, stop fighting, only one person shower at a time.

From the outside looking in disciplining the kids seems easy when I’m asking someone to brush their teeth or even wash their plate after eating.
The hard one however, is when I see the bag full of rugby held up to their nose as they inhale a horrible substance into their body. That’s the discipline that gets me every time. No matter how much I see it happen I still don’t know exactly how to react. Do I get angry because they promised they wouldn’t do it anymore but here we are yet again? Do I let it break my heart because they are truly addicted to a drug at 12 years old? Do I force them to give it to me knowing they will just find more as soon as I leave? Do I walk away and ignore it so they won’t get mad at me? Do I try and explain AGAIN how it is bad for their body?

I don’t have the answer.
But here’s what I always remember…growing up I always heard people asking my mom for parenting advise.

How do I get my child to behave?
How do I let my child know when I mean business?
How do I keep my kid from breaking our house rules?

And with every parenting question I heard I always heard the same answer from my mom…consistency!

Most days I keep consistency in the forefront of my mind. I remember breaking an addiction isn’t going to happen for all of these kids overnight but I just need to be consist with disciplining them for their rugby. Most days it’s sufficient. But some days I wonder when the consistency will pay off. When they will decide for themselves they want to quit using this drug. When the discipline will be worth it.

And that I really don’t know…
But it’s bringing me to a new dependence on God. A place in my life where I know I don’t have the answers. A time when I don’t have the appropriate response. BUT a spot where I can admit to Jesus I have no clue what I’m doing. A time when I can say I need help and wisdom and answers I have never needed before.

I never expected through disciplining our kids God would discipline me.
I did not anticipate him disciplining me in my prayer life this way.
But that is exactly what is happening every day. And it’s exactly what I need!

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