A Year Long Answered Prayer

A year ago I received an email from a friend desperately asking me to pray for a little girl.
A little girl who was very sick.
A little girl who was spending her days lying in my friend’s arms because she had no strength to do anything else.
A little girl with HIV. 
A little girl who wasn’t allowed to go to school because she had HIV.

I read the email and my heart was sad. I knew from the words I was reading this was a big deal. I knew my friend would not be asking me to pray if this girl wasn’t very sick. I also knew my role in this situation.

I wasn’t there. My presence would not be known. There was nothing I could physically do.

And my friend knew that. She wasn’t asking me to physically bring her medicine. She wasn’t asking me to physically nurse this girl back to health.

She was simply asking for me to pray. To pray for God’s healing presence to consume the situation.

So I did exactly what was asked of me. I prayed for this little girl. By name, I asked for God to physically heal her body. I didn’t know this girl. I didn’t know her life or daily struggles. But I knew she needed the power of God to intervene in her life.

For days I prayed. Some days multiple times a day.
This past month I had the absolute privilege of spending my days with this same little girl. We played games together. We did homework together. We were simply just friends.

But every time we hung out I couldn’t help but think of the first time I learned the name of this little girl. The first time I went to Jesus and asked for healing for this little girl. The days I spent praying for someone I didn’t even know. And then I would be reminded of what a blessing it was to see God’s answer to prayer right in front of my face.

That little girl was no longer lying in someone’s arms. She was alive. Running and playing and being silly. She was even able to go to school!
As I think about how amazing it was to be able to meet this girl a year after I began praying for her I can’t help but be reminded of God’s goodness. To be reminded of his sovereignty in all situations. To be reminded that God truly does delight in hearing from me and answering when I ask him for things.

I was also reminded of just how dependent we are on each other. In asking for prayer. And in praying for others.

This morning I encourage you to remember a time someone asked you to pray about something. They humbly asked because they need your intercession. Are you fulfilling your promise to them?

Or maybe you are the one who needs to ask a friend for prayer. Do you know the importance of having others pray for you? Are you humble enough to ask for someone to intercede on your behalf?

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3 thoughts on “A Year Long Answered Prayer

  1. Michelle

    Wow. That is awesome you met her! So grateful for a God who listens and answers prayers. Thanks for continually being an instrument of God’s love!

  2. Beautiful Meagan. Thank you.

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