My New Friend Ryan

I have an incredible brother whom I love dearly. His name is Ryan. The only problem is he is back in America and I miss his daily presence so much.
But today I was able to fill that void if only in the slightest way. Today I met another Ryan. A new friend of mine. He reminded me a lot of my brother. Not just in their names but in their personalities.

Both my brother Ryan and my new friend Ryan are such quietly spoken gentlemen who care deeply about others.

As we were walking across the street today Ryan wanted to make sure the women were protected so he held out his arms signaling for the traffic to stop until everyone had crossed and was safe. Such a gentleman!

He also wants to protect the boys around him. He wants them to be safe and taken care of. I can see it in his eyes. I could see it in his eyes when one of his friends was sniffing rubgy to get high and he explained to me how his friend was killing brain cells and he asked him to stop. I could see it in his eyes as he rationed out the fresh bread and water, making sure to save some for later.
My new friend Ryan is handsome and gentle and friendly just like my brother. But they are also so very different.

You see Ryan is a street kid. He has been living on the streets since he was five years old, he is seventeen now.

Twelve years. Twelve years he has been fighting from day to day to live. Twelve years he has been sleeping outside in the rain. Twelve years he has been wondering if he will have food for the day. Twelve years he has been alone without a family. Twelve years.

I had a great day with Ryan today. But I had to leave him tonight. On the street at Jollibee. In the rain. And I came home to a house with a roof to keep the rain off of me. And a mattress to sleep on. And a sheet to keep me warm.

How does all of this seem fair?

I don’t think I will ever know.

But the one thing I do know is that the same God who is my father is Ryan’s father. I know Ryan doesn’t see that today. And he probably won’t see that tomorrow. But I remain here clinging to the hope that one day, one day soon, he will!
As you wake up this morning I encourage you to pray for Ryan. Pray for his safety. Pray for his hungry stomach. Pray for his heart. Pray for his second chance. 

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2 thoughts on “My New Friend Ryan

  1. Rick Fountain

    If that doesn’t bring you back to reality don’t know what will. Will be praying for him and you as well. Keep pushing forward Megan. God is with you.

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