Window Screens

Rumor on the street is it rains a lot in the Philippines
This afternoon was a prime example of that

We invited some women over to the house for the afternoon
Through the laughter of a little girl
All of a sudden I could hear the ting, ting, ting
Like the pitter patter on a tin roof

I began to hear it a little louder
And decided to look out the window to see just how hard it was raining

But you see here in the Philippines it’s essential to have screens over your windows
To keep the little creepy critters out while the windows are open to create a breeze
So when I looked out the window the screen distorted my view
And I couldn’t clearly see the rain falling outside
If I would have been standing outside
I would have clearly been able to see the rain falling from the sky
But the screen was blocking my view
It was creating a barrier between my eyes and God’s little raindrops

This silly little screen made me stop and think about my own life
It represented perfectly how I’ve been living lately
To be completely honest I’ve been selfish lately
I’ve been making things all about me
I’ve had a screen up in front of my eyes making it hard for me to focus on others
Distorting my view to the outside world
Putting up blinders to the needs of the people around me

The world isn’t going anywhere
The needs aren’t going to just disappear on their own
We have to be the ones to make a change
The ones who reshape the world

And with that screen in front of my eyes I can’t do any of those things
I can’t help others when I don’t stop to notice the need
I can’t reshape the world when I’m solely fixated on my own little world

That simple window screen was the wake up call God needed to give me that day
The little shaking I needed to realize this life isn’t about me
It’s not about the possibilities of what I can be doing
It’s not about what I want to do with my time
It’s all about others
About seeing them through the eyes of God
About breaking down the barriers that stand between us
About walking alongside of them and helping them see their value

What screens do you need to break down to see the world the way God does?

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