Why Have Children?

Events in life happen in phases
And as one phase begins to end talk of the next phase begins

A little baby begins to grow into a child
So people begin talking about the child starting big kid school

A high school senior is about to graduate
And people begin asking where they are going to college
A college senior is about to graduate
So people begin wondering where the graduate will get a job

A man puts a ring on his love’s finger
And people ask when the big day will be

A couple gets married
So people begin to wonder when they will have children

I have two good friends getting married so lately we joke about the later of these phases
The other night the three of us sat around joking about all things kid related
We talked about adoption and parents who want to have their own children so desperately
But for some reason God doesn’t see it as the right time in their life to be able to get pregnant

And then I got super freaked out and vowed I was never having children
parental stress and aspergers child
As we sat there joking around I had this huge realization of what having kids meant
Having children is a forever thing
Once you have a child there is no turning back
That child is yours no matter their age or where they are in life
It’s like the most binding of relationships on earth ever

Conversation floated on to other things that night
But I left there understanding the sacrifices parents make in a new light

Fast forward to a few days later
Where I finally decided it was time to figure a few things out
So I can accurately answer people’s questions

See hands down the number one question I have gotten when talking to people about the Philippines
Is How are your parents doing?
I usually just responded with they are sad
So I sat down with my parents the other night and asked them
After a long, busy day this conversation was exactly what I needed to hear
Not so much because I needed my parents approval or praise

But because my dad opened my eyes to an incredibly new realization
He showed me exactly why he has raised my brother and I the way he has

As his little girl of course the subject of children came up
But this time it was in a whole new light

We talked about the purpose of children
The reason why parents have kids
Parents,child walking
He showed me the ultimate reason for having kids
Maybe some parents have kids because they think it will be fun
Maybe some parents have kids because it’s what’s next in life
Because it’s the next phase to complete
Maybe some parents have kids because honestly, it was a mistake
Maybe some parents have kids because their parents want grandchildren

But I want to ask you to consider this truth that rocked my world
Parents should have children because they want to bring a life into this world
To raise a child to have a relationship with jesus
To show their child what the love of christ looks like
To help a child understand their identity in christ
And then to help others find these same things in their life
Wise Father
I needed to hear the true meaning for having children
To see that life doesn’t have to go in these planned out phases

I needed that night to be completely freaked out about having my own children
To realize just how selfish I am and the sacrifices parents daily make

And this morning I just needed the time to thank all parents, whether biologically or not, for the sacrifices they make for all children

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