Pleasant Texts

There’s something super special and incredible knowing someone else is praying for you. It’s like one of my favorite things in the world to look at my phone and have a message from a friend saying that they are praying. When I receive a message like that it means many things to me. It shows that someone knows my heart enough to know specific things to ask God for in my life. It shows someone cares enough about me to take time to intercede for me. But most importantly it means I’m not fighting alone.
The simple little message from a friend saying they are praying is my reminder for the day that I’m not by myself. Whatever comes up that day I know I have another warrior out there on the battlefield with me. It’s also a reminder that we’ve already won. Whatever happens during the day God is fighting with us and we are more than conquers.

Yesterday was a day for me to be reminded of all of this. I woke up with a list full of things to do. I left my phone in my room and went into the office and began working on marking things off the list. By the time I finally finished I was already mentally exhausted for the day. I hopped in my car and glanced at my phone for the first time in hours.
And there it was as I looked down

Praying for you this morning. Enjoy the people…business can wait

Right in that moment through the screen on my phone God showed up. He used someone else to refresh my spirit with their words. He reminded me there are others taking time to pray for me. To fight with me. To come alongside of me and ask God for the same things I’m asking him for. It’s a magical and special feeling to receive love in that way.

But there is something a little more magical. Something even more special than knowing you have people interceding for you.

When you can tell someone else you are praying for them it’s the best feeling in the world. When you can relay to them that you care about what is going on in their life enough to ask God to help them is absolutely incredible. When you are the one who decides to fight with others it’s such a special moment.
It’s an incredibly important thing to me to know when I tell someone I will pray for them that I actually do it. See when someone asks me to pray for a specific thing in their life I view it as an honor. They are sharing their heart with me. And they are humbly asking me to fight alongside of them. If I say I will pray and then don’t do it there is one less warrior in the battle. There is one less person fighting.

I understand that God doesn’t need me to ask these things for him to accomplish his will. But he wants me to ask. He wants me to join other people in their battles. He wants me to not have my eyes on myself but instead on others so I can see their needs. Because when I see their needs I know how to fight with them. It’s like seeing their needs is knowing where the enemy is and knowing which weapon I need to choose to fight with.

At times I get overloaded with things people ask me to pray about. Some times it helps to write it down. Some times I need to just stop in the moment and pray. Some times I need to check back in with that person and see how God is answering in their life. But I always have to remember the honor it is to be able to talk with God on the behalf of others.
And there are times it takes a lot of strength for me to let go of my pride and ask someone else to pray for me. But when I do I am giving someone else the opportunity to put on their armor and join me in the battle.

Who are you battling for today? 

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