I’m Not Ready To Start My Day Yet


I’m talking about my life but I know yours is the same way.

I know you wake up in the morning wondering how you are going to mark everything off the to-do list for the day, much less for the week.

I know because mine looks insane as well:
Go to the bank
Send emails
Catch up on facebook messages
Coffee date
Send out more letters
Buy pants
Write thank you notes
Clean up disastrous mess in room

I’m getting overwhelmed just typing it all out!

And these are plans for my single, no family to take care of self. I can only imagine the additional things added to your list that I don’t even have to worry about:
Buy groceries
Check on so and so in hospital
Pick up medicine at wal-greens
Baseball practice
Mop kitchen floor
Dust living room
Change oil in car
Send lunch money for kids at school
Pay bills online


I feel like this is only the beginning of what your to-do list looks like on a weekly basis. I’m sure I’ve left off so much stuff and the list could go on for another two pages.


I’ve learned a little something about this to-do list though. If I wake up and jump right out of bed to start working on this list I’m doomed. No way will I make it through the whole thing and still feel sane by the end of the day. It will be impossible for me to find enough time and energy to check everything off.

I know this sounds a little backwards. If I start right when I wake up I should be able to get it all done. But that’s just not the case. When I wake up I need hours before I start my day.

Not hours to lay on the couch and try to wake up. Not hours to take a shower and perfectly fix my hair. Because lets be real how often is my hair fixed! Not hours to open my computer and read CNN to see what happened in the world while I was asleep.

Through tough lessons I’ve learned I need hours to start my day before I can ACTUALLY start my day. Stick with me here.
If I start my day thinking of all I have to accomplish I am setting myself up for failure. It’s just another fact.
Instead I have to wake up and be intentional. I have to grab my first cup of coffee, because let’s be real it IS the most important part of mornings! Kidding…sort of! I have to begin my day with Jesus before I can begin my day with the world. I have to take time to pray. To read what he has for me. To be quiet and listen to what HE wants me to do that day. I have to be willing to throw that to-do list to the floor and follow him in obedience for what his plans are for me that day.

I’ve learned these lessons and have known these things in my heart but it hit me in a new way yesterday morning. I had been up for about two hours when everyone else in the house was ready to begin their day. Problem was I wasn’t. The questions started coming.

What is the plan for the day?
How far away is where we are going tomorrow?
What time should we leave tomorrow morning?

I wanted to talk about these things. I really did. I wanted to make plans and begin the day’s adventures. But my heart wasn’t ready. And before I really knew what I was saying the words out of my mouth were “I’m not ready to begin my day yet.”
I knew the day would be great. I knew adventurous things were going to take place. But I knew if I stopped in the middle of my study I would not pick it back up for the day. I knew if I began answering questions right away I was going to miss out on hearing from God in that moment. I was going to be filling my ears with the noise of the world instead of his words for me. I knew I wasn’t ready to begin my day yet.

I have to start my day with Jesus before I can ACTUALLY start my day.

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2 thoughts on “I’m Not Ready To Start My Day Yet

  1. ohhh I feel ya!

    and I love the picture of the man drinking the coffee straight out of the pot instead of his mug…hilarious! Thats kinda what I felt like doing this morning..

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