A Day Full of Blessings

Some nights as I fold back the sheets and lay my head down on the pillow
I can’t help but just breathe in a huge breath and say thank you
Woman jumping onto bed
Yesterday was one of those days
A day where God just really blew my mind
A day where with everything I had to do he kept assuring me I was doing the right thing
A day that could have felt overwhelming but instead was full of blessings

These blessings came in the form of people yesterday
Blessings who believe in me and what I’m doing
Blessings who want to hear stories of future plans
Blessings who care

Last night as I breathed that deep breath in bed
I understood God’s sovereignty a little more
I understood that he could have taken each of those blessings
And spread them out over the course of a month

But he didn’t
He decided to give me a day full of his blessings
A day to see that he is completely going before me
He is completely coming behind me
And he is completely walking right beside me, holding my hand

As I woke up yesterday morning I looked at my to-do list
And then I looked at my phone to see a missed call from someone
Whose voice I haven’t heard in months
So of course I ditched the at home things to do that were on the list
Rushed to get ready and hopped in my car so I could talk while driving
01 cell phone use while driving
God knew I needed to get away from the list
To get away from the stress of everything that needs to be done in eleven short days
To just hear words of encouragement and love

As I wrapped up this conversation it was time for lunch
A lunch with two women who I know have my back through this whole thing
A time for laughter, lots of laughter
But also a time to ask questions and receive peace about upcoming situations

God knew I needed a lunch date where I didn’t feel interrogated
He knew I needed a time where I could sit and listen but also explain my heart
A time for deep laughter
And a time where I could honestly just receive love from older, wise women
I left lunch and rushed home for a conference call with two more incredible women
A call where I could discuss my fears and talk about my dreams
A call where I was comfortable enough to say whatever was on my heart
A call that was just the beginning of lots of hard work
But also a call to show me how wide open the doors are

God knew I needed to rush home and have this conversation
To get to know a woman full of wisdom, grace, encouragement and love
He knew I needed this call as a reality check
But also to hear someone who doesn’t even know me
Tell me she believes in what God is going to do

As I hung up the phone I rushed to find something to wear for the night
My closet and room are one huge mess right now so this is more of a task than it seems
By the time I had finally decided on an outfit I realized it truly didn’t matter what I wore
The night wasn’t about me and the spotlight would not land on me at all
The night was about celebrating a marriage soon to take place
And celebrating one last night of fun with the bride to be
God knew I needed a night with no guidelines
A night to just do whatever and laugh about everything
A night to talk about marriage and babies and adoption
All of which scare the mess out of me
A night to just enjoy home and the people who make it just that

So as I got home and crawled into bed I couldn’t help but just breathe for the first time that day
To just sit for a moment and thank God for each person who took time to extend a hand of love
To thank him for giving me a day full of blessings

You can also be a blessing in making these dreams I talked all day about come true! Click here to partner with me and truly be a blessing in my life.

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2 thoughts on “A Day Full of Blessings

  1. goosebumps. big ones.

    • I hope it opened your eyes even if just a little to the blessings all around us every day. Thanks for reading and encouraging!

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