Dads & Their Princesses

Yesterday I sat at a stop light
And caught myself doing some major creeping on the car beside me
But I just couldn’t pull my eyes away from the inside of this car
I even drove away with fall in my eyes
car at stop light-resized-600
In the backseat was a precious little girl sitting tall in her car seat
In the driver seat sat her father

I say these things as if I knew the family personally
But boy did I have a great story made up about them as I pulled away!

As the dad sat with his foot on the brake
He would look in the backseat and tickle his little girl
The look on her face was one of nothing but pure delight and joy
Their windows were rolled up but oh the sound of laughter radiating from the car

This playful attitude of a father and his daughter continued the entirety of the red light
And yes I stared at them the whole time

But as I drove away the tear came just thinking about dads

Ladies and gentlemen, dads have a hard job!
Especially dads of little girls
Think about it for a moment
Little girls are their dad’s princesses
From the moment they are born dads love their little princess
With a love so deep they never knew was possible

They will play dress up with their princess
They will have tea parties with stuffed animals and their little princess
They will hold and love
They will kiss even the smallest of scraps and cuts
They will have tickle fights
They will swing on swings and slide down slides
They will be there to catch her as she jumps in the pool for the first time

But as their little princess grows older they have to learn how to loosen their tight fist
To pry their fingers back even just a little and release the grasp of their princess’ hand
They begin to watch their princess leave the house with another boy
They begin to see their little girl growing into a lovely woman
They notice their princess is no longer having tea parties
But instead hosting their own parties without dad receiving an invitation
Until eventually their hand is held completely open and their little princess
Is walking down the aisle to be held in another man’s hand

These dads have loved their little princess with all they have
They have made sure they are taken care of, provided for and taught how to love others
They have invested their life in raising a princess
And then the day comes when they have to let go
The day when as hard as it is, with tears in their eyes, they release their little princess to someone else
I found a new appreciation for my dad at that red light yesterday

Now for a moment picture our Father
There he is just chilling in heaven with his son having a grand ole time
And then he looks down at the world and sees their desperate need for a savior
So he opens his hand completely and lets go
He allows his son to leave his side and come live on earth
Helping Hand with the Sky Background
As if that wasn’t hard enough
He then allows his son after living here for thirty-three years
To go to a cross and die for you and for me
If his job as a father hadn’t been hard enough by sending him to earth
It got harder in those moments on the cross when he abandoned his son
All because of his love for his other children, you and me

Dads have a hard job! 

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2 thoughts on “Dads & Their Princesses

  1. Love the way you tied all that together! Beautiful picture. Yay for fall in the eyes!

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