Post Weekend Ramblings

Easter weekend is over. For many people that means Easter will not be given another thought for three hundred plus days.
But as I sit here on this Monday morning with a cup of coffee in my hand there’s just some thoughts I can’t shake. And the longer I think about it the more it bothers me.

In the social media world I read lots of updates from pastors and church staff from all over. So for the past few days my updates have largely consisted of a common theme. It was always worded different but the same meaning was there lying at the bottom of it all.

Invite someone to church this Sunday for Easter!

Who are you bringing with you to our Easter services?

What family will you invite to come to church with you on Easter Sunday?

Easter is a time when people who don’t normally come to church will attend, who are you inviting?

People will come to church on Easter if only they are invited.

As I began scrolling through and reading them I would think how great it was that people were trying to get others into church to hear the incredible story of Christ’s life. But the more I saw them the more my mind began to wander. What makes Easter Sunday so special?

No I don’t mean why is it a special day….I understand the significance of remembering and celebrating what Christ did for me so many years ago. I LOVE that!

I question what makes Easter so special that people will agree to go to church this one Sunday out of the year. What makes this one Sunday so special that numbers will rise substantially only to drop back to the average seven days later? I’m not just making this stuff up. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. My church had a huge increase in numbers for two hours yesterday. The same people who updated about inviting people were hours later updating how many people came or how great the service was and how many new faces they saw.
I just want to know what makes this one Sunday out of a year so special? Why not choose a Sunday in May when the weather will be beautiful? Or why not choose a Sunday that falls on your birthday? Or why not choose a Sunday when your kids spent the night with friends and you don’t have to worry about getting them ready as well? Why choose Easter Sunday?

I can’t help but wonder if Easter Sunday is the day people choose because of the huge significance of the day. Because the greatest story that ever happened is told and proclaimed from every stage. Because the ending of the story is already known. And it’s known that it happily ends with “HE IS RISEN!”

I don’t know the reason why people choose Easter to attend a church service. But this morning I’m super curious. And sad. Jesus came to live on earth for me and you. He left a place of perfection to enter a world of darkness. He brought light into the darkness. But as so many rejected him he went to the cross and died…again for me and you. Then Easter Sunday comes into play. Where Christ was too powerful for the enemy to hold him in the grave and he rose from the dead. He walked on the earth again and showed people how his life was full of truth. And then he eventually went back to his place in heaven with his father. He did all of that for me and you and the best we’re giving him is one Sunday morning out of a year. One Sunday where we cram in a celebration of his life, but mainly of his resurrection.
Why? Why do we place such a significance on just this one day? Why are we not celebrating every day?

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