Haters Gone Hate

I don’t know if you know this little fact about me or not but I absolutely LOVE getting mail. I love it so much I even enjoy trash mail. You know what I’m talking about…applications for credit cards, coupons for places I never go to, ads for magazines. Mail with my name is my mail. I just love the sliding of my finger under the flap. The suspense of what will be inside. The goodness to come.

But as much as I enjoy getting trash mail there is nothing like receiving a personal letter. Letters from dear friends. Words of encouragement. A happy birthday wish. Just a simply thinking about you. Or even yet a thoughtful hello. Mail is a favorite of mine.

So this week when I got a personal letter in the mail there was a big smile across my face. I couldn’t wait to see who it was from and what they had to say. As I opened it I saw it was a handwritten letter. This was so wonderful. Someone took so much time to sit down and thoughtfully write a letter to me.
By the time I finished reading the letter I wanted to just shred or burn it. I never wanted to have to open the mailbox again. The thought of opening another letter made me sick. In about three minutes receiving mail had gone from one of my biggest joys to a huge disappoint and something to dread Monday-Saturday. Praise God the mail doesn’t run on Sundays.

This letter didn’t help me escape to a nice, happy place. It didn’t offer words of encouragement. It wasn’t to say hello or thinking of you. It was to tell me I should truly consider why I am moving to the Philippines. It was to tell me that this doesn’t sound like the place God wants me to go.

As I’ve thought over this letter for days now I’ve realized how much I’ve wanted people to be on board with me moving to the Philippines. Since coming home from the race I’ve wanted to tell people about what God’s calling me to next and for them to be as excited for me as I am. I’ve yearned to hear peoples’ excitement minus all the questioning. I’ve desired to hear them say they are glad I’ve figured out God’s calling without wondering if this is a selfish decision. And the letter was only more confirmation that I desire those things.
Missionaries have always been highly regarded with those I’m surrounded by. It’s always been said that missionaries are special people to give up this high society life and move to another country. People have always viewed them as super talented men and women who God has called to do great things for his kingdom.

As it’s become my turn to follow God’s calling to another country all of a sudden views and opinions have changed. Now it’s a dangerous thing. It’s something where people always question how you will financially survive. Going to live in another country is running away from all of the problems in America. People wonder if you’re actually going because God is calling you or because you don’t know what else to do with your life.

The (not so) love letter has also shown me how dependent I am on you. I don’t just desire for your support, encouragement and excitement.  I have to have it. I have to have people who are willing to be the body of Christ and encourage me as I go. I have to have people who are willing to be prayer warriors and fight for the Filipinos through prayer as I fight for them from the front lines. I have to have people who are willing to invest in the work God is doing in the Philippines. I have to have people who are willing to financially help me feed the kids on the streets. I have to have you.
I can’t do this without you.

There are many ways you can be that person I am dependent on

  • You can click the contact tab at the top of this page and ask me any questions you may have
  • You can click the contact tab and let me know you want to be included in emails for prayer requests
  • You can click the partner with me tab and become a financial partner
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6 thoughts on “Haters Gone Hate

  1. MBarnett

    So proud of you for following the path that you were told to go. I am also so thankful for people who can put their on life aside while they try to save someone elses.

  2. Im proud of you. Then again…you know that already 🙂 Love you woman.

  3. I’m sure you already know this, but I believe that most people who really KNOW you realize that this isn’t just some sort of joy ride or escape from problems/Merica/responsibility. I saw your passion for people for most of last year. It’s clear where your heart lies. (Lays?) Keep discerning what’s from the Lord, either directly or words spoken by others, and filter out the rest. I’m proud of what you’re doing Meagan!

    • DJ Sammy Sam!
      Thank you for your words kind sir! Lies…lays…always a tricky one 🙂 Hope you are loving CGA!

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