I’m Hot Then I’m Cold

The temperature outside is a silly thing
As I’m outside one second I’m cold
The next I’m sweating and ready to strip my clothes off

The clouds and the wind seemed to go hand in hand
When the sun was hitting down on my skin
And the breeze was non-existent I would begin to sweat a little

But when the sun was behind the clouds
And the wind was hitting me in my face I noticed chill bumps on my arms

As soon as I began to sweat just a little I verbally wished
The sun would go behind the clouds and the breeze would blow

However as soon as the wind was blowing and I was getting chilly
I then wished the sun would come back out and hit me in the face with a blast of warmth

This continued every couple of minutes for close to an hour
If it was sunny I wanted it to be cloudy
If it was cloudy I wanted it to be sunny
After constantly changing my mind on what I wanted
I couldn’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of my wants

I kept wanting the opposite of what I had
I was never pleased or satisfied
It was always too hot or too cold

I couldn’t help but realize how I’ve been treating God this very same way
I’ve been noticing what he isn’t giving me
Instead of realizing how immensely blessed I am by his goodness every day
If things are one way I’ve been wanting the opposite
Instead of reveling in the blessings he’s already given me

I’ve been struggling to find things to do to keep myself entertained
Instead of realizing the immense time God has given me to spend with him
My heart has been desiring to wake up every morning with a purpose of serving others
Instead of realizing I have people right in front of my face to serve

I’ve wanted to hide away or just sit quiet when in large groups
Instead of seeing the people God has surrounded me with who need me to love them back

I’ve been frustrated with technology
Instead of knowing that the internet and cell phones are God’s way to help me stay connected

I have wanted to avoid conversations because I’ve been afraid I wouldn’t have answers
Instead of trusting that people ask questions because they care
I have been completely missing out on God’s goodness surrounding me in every direction
And that’s just not ok
I don’t want to be the person who wants cold when it’s hot
And hot when it’s cold
I want to be the person who is thankful for hot when it’s hot
And thankful for cold when it’s cold

What blessings has God given you that you’re overlooking?

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