The Pursuit of Others

Today I’ll be honest with you and expect the same in return

Women like being chased after

They want to be wanted by a man

And men want to win the girl

So they go chasing after her


Valentine’s day is long gone

A day devoted to loving your spouse or significant other in special ways

But there is this one word associated with love that keeps reverberating in my soul




It’s a word I’ve been thinking about for days now

A word that has caused me to find myself daydreaming of relationships often

Relationships where men are pursuing after their one love


But then I think what in the world does this whole pursue thing even mean

Women want men to pursue them

Old school society tells us men should be the pursuer in the relationship

But what does that mean

And what does that practically look like


With these questions running through my head for days now

I’ve stumbled upon some answers

Maybe you’ll agree or maybe you won’t

Either way could be fun conversations


I started my research with the literal meaning of pursue

And initially came to some brutal meanings about overtaking or capturing things/people

Then I got to the good stuff

The stuff I was looking for


Pursue: to strive to gain

to proceed along the course

to carry further

to court

to persistently seek


As I read these definitions the puzzle was slowing being completed

A man should strive to gain his crush

A man should proceed along the course of a relationship with his love

A man should continue to carry the relationship further

A man should court and treat his love special

A man should persistently seek his woman


Yeah these are ways in which a man should actively pursue a woman

I agreed with what I found

I was pretty content with what I had discovered


But I just couldn’t shake a thought in my head

Shouldn’t I be pursuing too?

Yeah so I get I’m not a man

And I’m not pursuing a woman

But there is still pursuing for me to do


This whole pursue thing isn’t just something a man should do to a woman

He is interested in having a relationship with


Pursuing people is how to live a full life

I should strive to gain other people’s stories

I should want to know their lives because God has created each of us with

A unique story and they can offer wisdom to me

I should proceed along the course of a relationship

With the woman I encounter at the coffee shop

Because that day she may just need to know she is noticed and cared about by a stranger

I should continue to carry the friendship further

Getting to know that person more and more because I want to be a listener

I should persistently seek these friendships

Because God uses others to bless and I should want to be that same blessing


But my favorite is courting

I should be showing every person I come in contact with how special they are

I should be paying attention to others

I should be inviting to them

I should make sure they know they are loved

I should be courting these people I meet

I should be pursuing the people I see


Who are you pursuing?

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One thought on “The Pursuit of Others

  1. Thanks for constantly pursuing me in our friendship! You continually teach me what that word really means! Love you.

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