The Thief of Joy

Webster defines comparison as the quality of being similar or equivalent

I’ve been taught about comparison my whole life
About how God made me special and in his image
So I should love the way I am made
And not be jealous of other people

I’ve been taught how I shouldn’t try to be similar or equivalent to others
Because God created me to be unique
To be different from everyone else he created
To be an individual unlike anyone else

Whether that be the way someone else looks
Their artistic ability
Their intelligence
Their wealth

I’ve been taught comparison is a bad thing
And that it will destroy my own self-image

I’ve been taught that I shouldn’t compare anything
But instead cherish the fact that God created me unique


That’s what I’ve been taught
It just wasn’t always the truth of how I thought

I always knew I shouldn’t care how I matched up against others
Because I had been taught I was special and unique
And blah, blah, blah

I knew what I was supposed to think
But in this girl’s mind all I heard was that I wasn’t as good as her
I couldn’t hit the ball as good as her
I couldn’t shoot as good as her
I wasn’t as good of a Christian as her
I had messed up in life but she hadn’t
I couldn’t sing as well as her
I for sure couldn’t paint as well as her


I’ve thought these things for years and years and years
If I was being honest I would say comparison has defined much of my life
In a super unhealthy way
Where I wouldn’t try things because I knew
There would always be someone who would be better

So I’ve said I’m done
I am done with this comparing myself to the person sitting next to me
I’m done trying to meet the standards of those who are super talented in areas I’m not
I will no longer try to one up the person who has a gifting in an area I don’t
It doesn’t matter anymore
I quit trying to compare myself to her

However I have come to the conclusion that I should compare myself
It can be a healthy thing
Making these comparisons will actually make me a better person

Stick with me
Don’t tune me out now
Because you see my life should be all about comparing myself to Christ

If I am made in the image of God
He is my standard
He is what I am trying to mold my life after
My life should look like the life of Jesus


So I should be able to sit down at the end of the day
And begin to compare myself

Did I love like Jesus today?
Did I show grace like Jesus today?
Was I non-judgmental like Jesus today?
Did I stop everything I was doing to help a friend like Jesus did?
Instead of complaining about things did I find things to be thankful for like Jesus did?

Did I make sure people saw Jesus not Meagan today?

Who are you comparing yourself to?
If it’s not Jesus you may want to change your standards of comparison!

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